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We love dance

Recent work

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Alive Dance Video in collaboration with Dansskolan Sways 1 year dance education. Music: Krewella – Alive Choreography: Elin Nyblom and Lovisa Ingestig Video: Carolina Dexwik and Elin Nyblom Costumes: Elin Nyblom Assistant: Ylva Hellqvist Poledancers: Johanna Danielsson Rebecca Sevemar Dancers: …

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White Blank Page

Born in the shadows of truth. Lost, loved and tumbled by the streams of the dark waters. By breaking the chains of illusion, she suddenly finds herself on the shore of reality. Born again. Supported by the sand and the …

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Creatures of the night

Gogodance teaser. Recorded in Los Angeles 2013 Dancers: Felicia Ekstrand Ulrika Nysröm Emilie Kristensson Kajsa Forsberg Styling: Elin Nyblom Camera and Edit: Carolina Dexwik Music: Hermitude – HyperParadise (Flume Remix)

If you can imagine, you can create


About 2much art


June 2011

Stockholm - Sweden

Our Story

June 2011 After months of philosophical discussions about society and what life is all about we agreed. We needed a platform to experiment, work with other creative freaks and to have bloody fun! With two individuals, equally creative and with love for everything there was no other name better suited and 2MUCH ART was born.


Carolina Dexwik



Elin Anina Electric

Creative Director


Ylva Hellqvist



What we do

With heart

& passion for

performing visual & stage art

2MUCH ART is an experimental platform for creativity and entertainment, specialized in stage art e.g.. Performing arts and visuals. The core comes from dancing but with time, 2MUCH ART has moved around the stages and into video making.


2MUCH ART had worked with a wide range of clients and customizes each number for each event. We want to create experiences for the audience and love to try out new things and combine different elements.

Resume – Choreography
Mentorgalan – Skeppsholmskyrkan – 2011
Nike Convent – Globen Stockholm – 2012
Kings of Tennis – Waterfront Stockholm – 2012
Gyllene Hjulet – Waterfront Stockholm – 2012
RIX FM Festival Tour – Sweden – 2013
Gyllene Hjulet – Globen Stockholm – 2013


To turn visualization into reality, 2MUCH ART works with video making besides from live performances. The story is the essence of the piece and we work with different methods, weather its live action or animation, to bring the story to life in the best possible way.

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